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Caroline Crockett (CICI) is an artist living and working in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  Her bright and funky work is inspired by her tropical environment; shells, plants, and birds are favorite subjects.  While she has always been drawing and painting since childhood, as of late her work has a very specific direction.
She works recycled paint and plastic back into her paintings to create, shape, color and a 3D texture.  The recycled paint are pieces chipped and peeled from her colorful palates and then re-adhered by painting them into her work.  
Caroline recently had a piece in “Orange” at the Morean Art Center (June 2021) and was featured in a Coastal Creative Art Show, "We are Feminine" (July 2021) & "Fright Night" (October 2021).  Currently, "Peace + Love + Pride" show begins May 2022. 
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